Rrewind ltd,

what we do and where we are going!

Rrewind Ltd is working in the online publishing and marketing sector and recently has activated new e-commerce channels for various companies in the fields of consumer products and services, always keeping in check with current and upcoming marketing trends in technology and techniques.

Our mission is to provide a niche service that best responds to information needs and evolving services.
Rrewind Ltd operates through subsidiaries by sector type, with their brand FilmIsNow being the most known.

Fin Network Ltd is a UK YouTube company that has as it main activity the promotion of movie and tv series trailers.

The FilmIsNow network produces in-house content which it distributes “free to air”, this is managed through advertisements.The network consists of eight channels. These channels in total have more than 40,000 uploaded videos that generate around 80 million monthly views and over 4 million subscribers, that continues to increase on a daily basis.

All channels are dedicated to new films and tv series coming out in the world of film & entertainment in general and are “tagged” by geographical area / language reaching an international audience that goes from Brazil to Southeast Asia with a particular focus on english language countries (USA in particular) or by content/theme type (channel dedicated to the genre of family movies, action movies, tv series).

The channels are always kept up-to-date with the latest content, news from the world of cinema and promotional videos related to upcoming films (such as trailers, interviews, clips and new formats in continuous processing), with new videos uploaded on a daily basis. This amounts to around 150 new videos a week. The multilingual International team create original in-house content starting from the scripting of editorial, studio production (in a well-equipped greenback studio) and post-production. These videos offer content related to movie and actor curiosity, classifications and film industry events, such as the Oscars, film premieres, etc..



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